My Sister, Nina, and I look forward to capturing the beauty and magic of your child in our...

Dear Mom and Dad:

Children grow up very fast! The best way to preserve these youthful moments in time is with professional portraits.

We have been blessed to capture precious memories of children for over forty years. Time moves so quickly and childhood is so fleeting that it's gone before we know it!!

When you reach our ages you really appreciate pictures that have frozen moments in time for you. Nothing can do this like professional portraits! Childhood portraits of your children are the only way those times of wonder and excitement can be remembered.

When parents come and view their pictures after they are taken in our "Magical Fairy Forest" with the beautiful fairy dresses and wings we provide for them, Moms often cry. What a wonderful experience for Mom and us to capture innocence, magic and beauty of their childhood.

Great pride and planning go into creating a "fairy portrait experience" that your child will always remember. With special forest backgrounds, rocks and a mystical pond that the little girls can put their toes in creates an experience of magic, wonder and awe for your Little Fairy Princess. Boys like to play Robin Hood and go fishing. The added special effects that our artists create will take your breath away. Remember we allow a full thirty minutes or longer to work with each child.

From the time you enter the studio and see our Mystical Forest, along with our custom created fairy dresses and wings, the outside world is left behind. All little girls (and some Moms too) want to be fairy princesses.

Nina and I, by the way, my name is Steve, have been doing portraits of babies, children and families for over 40 years. It's the best job anyone could ever have. We get to watch eyes light up when parents see their portraits and this gives us a warm feeling.

Our sets are custom built and we are very proud of our special custom created, one-of-a-kind, designer dresses and wings for your little girl. These are created exclusively by the most renowned fairy dress designer in the country. Along with the custom built forest props, custom dresses, our artists add amazing special effects to enhance the fairy mood and scene.

These will be the finest portraits of your child that you have ever had taken!!

Keep in mind that like in all jobs experience is very important. We have photographed over 100,000 sittings in our 40 year career. We feel this gives us the knowledge and the ability to read the feelings of our little friends that lets us capture that precious image at just the right moment.

The beauty of this is that you will be the final judge of the protraits and we have full confidence that we cannot only please you but have you amazed at the results.

We take plenty of time, and schedule accordingly, so that each child gets all of the time and attention she needs to have a wonderful experience.

When you leave the session you will be excited to see the results.

Time moves so fast

In just a matter of weeks and months children change so quickly, so having portraits done RIGHT NOW is important.

You can think to yourself, I'll take care of it soon, but before you know it 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, have gone by and we have missed capturing that stage of their childhood.

Take your children's portraits as they are right now!


You get to chose whichever image we create that is your favorite.

You recieve this whether you order any extra copies or not.

After 40 years we have developed cute games which not only relax your child but create the perfect expressions.

One trick is that I will often place a quarter on my forehead and have them blow it off. When it comes off we get looks of wonderment, and smiles. This is just one trick of over 50 along with expressions that I use. Experience comes in when you know what trick or expression to use with each child's unique personality.

A perfect portrait of your child is a treasure forever. Capture this unique magical moment in time.

Hold on to these precious memories and avoid having to say, "I wish I had had her picture taken when she was..." (so and so age)


If someone creates the best portrait of your child you ever had taken what would it be worth to you?

These memories are priceless. you can find a cheaper photographer but we need to think about other things.

A $249 Creation Fee gives you the opportunity to schedule an appointment and select your favorite pose.

Remember this magical fantasy portrait is an 8-1/2 x 11 GLOW-IN-THE-DARK portrait you can give to your child as a gift.

We create works of art that capture your Little Princess at the best time of her life.

  • We offer a Complete 100% money-back unconditional guarantee!! If you are not thrilled with your portraits, you receive all of your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
  • You not only get all of your money back but you will also receive your FREE PORTRAIT at no charge.
  • We guarantee that these unique fairy portrait creations will touch your heart and bring tears to your eyes or you simply don't pay for them.

How can we make such an unbelievable GUARANTEE?

We know from experience that we have been able to create the most outstanding, unique original images you have ever seen.

School photographers allow about 5 minutes to photograph a child, and chain store photographers allow a short amount of time (depending on the line).

We schedule by appointment and allow at least 30 minutes for each session. All time and attention to detail will be given to you and your children to create the best portraits you have ever had.

Childhood is Fleeting!
Let's capture the beauty of your child today! To book your $249 sitting, Call Steve at 727-488-1830
or E-mail us at
Steve and Nina